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Go Beyond Traditional Planning To Ready Your Recruiting Practice For

Maximum Growth & Scale, While Mitigating The Economic Headwinds Of 2021

Don’t Go Into 2021 With A Weak, Outdated, Or Half-Assed Plan. So Bring Your Pan & Paper And Be Prepared To IMPLEMENT

Our Vivid Vision For 2024

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We’re Putting On The Finishing Touches…

BUT…Make Sure You Read This First

Regardless Of Whether You’re Independent, A Firm Owner, Or Even If You Work For Someone Else, If Your Practice Is To Survive Past 2021, You Must Ask Yourself One Question:

Do I Have A Job, Or Am I A Business Builder?

We’re not knocking those who view themselves as having a job, but if your entire practice hinges on your being in the center of the action, you are putting you, your family, and the people who work for you, in a very precarious position in one of the most turbulent cultural, political and economic times we’ve seen in our generation.

Unfortunately, most agency recruiters and firm owners are stuck in an insidious trap; operating like a solo-prenuer.

They’re building a more and more complex job for themselves. They’re not building a business, and they must always be at the center of their business or everything around them collapses.

On the other hand, the Business-Builder is building an entity that can survive and thrive without their direct day-to-day input (and yes, even if you are an independent recruiter or if you work for someone else, you need to take on this mindset).

Ask yourself:

“If I take 60 days off from my practice, would my business still be there when I come back?”

“If so, would it have gotten better during that time, or be on the verge of collapse?”

Let’s be honest. We all know the answer to that one. So let’s make it easier.

What about 30-days?

1 week?

1 day?

If you’re reading this, we can only assume that you are the center of your business. You are the bottle neck holding your business back from the growth and scale you to need to achieve to ensure the ship you are captaining is safe from the turbulent waters crashing other ships against the rocks.

Watching the training video above will give you the tools you need to move beyond the traditional recruiter planning techniques you’ve been taught in the past (backwards-planning from billing goals to daily call volume) that worked ok in 1993, but does nothing for the Business-Builder you have inside you.

In the video above, DSP shows you how to create the proper owner-mindset for yourself, how to craft a vision for your practice that will motivate your team to fight the good fight with every ounce of their being even when days seem their darkest, and how to create a seamless operational machine that won’t break when you scale (or when torpedoed by an unseen threat).

Here’s What DSP Teaches In This Session:

PART 1: Motivational video from the one and only LL Cool J: Momma Said Knock You Out. If this doesn’t motivate you, we don’t know what will. Just don’t call it a comeback…

PART 2: Who is The Digital Headhunter?: If you haven’t worked with us before, you need watch this part.

PART 3: Mindset Reset: If you think you don’t need help with your mindset, then you definitely need help with your mindset. 😉

PART 4: The State of the Market (Red-Ocean vs Blue-Ocean): A lesson from the ‘Great Grand-Daddy’ of modern-day advertising (Eugene Shwartz) on Stages of Market Sophistication. This lesson will open your eyes to the power of market-positioning and how market-defining brands turn Red, Hammered Markets into fresh Blue-Oceans with plenty to eat.

PART 5: How To Complete An Annual Review & Basic Plan: Before you can start to look forward, you need to accurately assess where you’ve been. Here DSP teaches you how to review your 2020, and what to ask yourself as you build your foundational 2021 plan.

PART 6: Crafting Your Vivid Vision: Here we take a look at how to create a 3-dimensional vision of your future business that you and your team can step into and explore. If you want to learn the secret to creating true alignment with your team and seeding amazing results for your business, despite the dark days ahead, this section is essential watching.

PART 7: Creating a Machine That Scales: This section separates the Jabronis (jobbers) from the Business-Builders, and shows you how to look at your business as an Operational Machine comprised of 4 critical components: 1) Value Chain, 2) KPI’s & Financials, 3) Systems, and 4) Team. In this section, DSP shows you exactly how to build your machine from the top-down step-by-step, and provides template Dashboards / Worksheets you can download and modify to fit your business.

After watching this training sesh with DSP, you will come out with a game plan to make your recruiting practice damn-near indestructible.

But don’t forget…

None Of This Matters If You Can’t Consistently Find, Attract, And Close New Business

…or in other words, nothing matters without real cash-revenue flowing through your business.

If you think relying on your legacy clients (or those with whom you have existing relationships with) will see you through this recession, you are playing a dangerous game with deadly consequences my friend.

After learning how to build an Operational Machine, watch our training down below to learn how to build the second-half of your business, your Sales & Marketing Machine.

Getting your Sales & Marketing house in order is the only way to guarantee your future success, because only by having a predictable system of moving a prospect from not knowing who you are to a raving fan repeat client, you are relying on hope and luck to make it through the next few years.

…and last time we checked, hope and luck are not strategies for success.

This isn’t training where we feed you lines about a “flood of inbound clients,” or “no more cold-calls ever,” or “clients on demand!”

Nor is this a webinar where we teach you “The 3 Secrets Of Getting New Clients” or that you must register now because “we only have 100 open seats.” (we all know those are BS marketing ploys).

We don’t use those ploys because we’re not trying to sell you an ‘Easy-Button.’ Sorry, but they don’t exist.

If you’re a high-capacity Entrepreneur-Recruiter who’s built for speed (and won’t clutch your pearls when you hear some coarse language), then we invite you to watch the training below.

If not, we’d be happy to refer to you some other trainers / marketing agencies that may be more your speed.

But if you’re a Lion who’s itching for the hunt, we’ll see you on the other side.


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