The Digital Headhunter Accelerator 2.0

…has changed the lives of many recruiters and small search firm owners, and has always been an invitation-only program. In short, it’s a build out of an entire marketing eco-system, combined with hard-nose prospecting, sales, and operations training.

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In other words, it’s a full implementation of The Lighthouse Method™, but we are there to support you every step of the way. In the Accelerator 2.0, you will be developing a complete prospecting system (both automated and manual), you will be learning how to craft a higher-level offer and be able to sell it in a way that’s never been taught before in the business, and develop a complete marketing eco-system by establishing your Omnipresence+Relevancy through organic content as well as outbound prospecting and paid advertising.

“What Is The Accelerator?”

This is a year long, Done-With-You program designed to help you implement The Lighthouse Method™ in your recruiting practice, so you can automate and increase the flow of laser-focused client and candidate leads. Our program includes an extensive video course that is supplemented with group mentorship, coaching, and accountability, and David Stephen Patterson as well as other coaches will be leading the group calls during the year long program.

You also get access to his team, as well as a private Facebook group for community access so you can ask questions from the other Future-Proof students, to make sure we all work to help you remove any roadblocks you may face as they come up.

Know that traditional marketing and sales techniques still work, however they are becoming less and less effective as the market becomes more crowded in an economy that is suffering. Relying on brute force (endless cold-calling), luck and hope (referrals), or hustle (chasing down leads), only results in client fatigue and recruiter burn-out.

The purpose of this program is to help you create a system frees you from the whims of the market. We believe in empowering you as you and your team implement The Lighthouse Method.

We will be with you, side by side, as you take control of your own destiny.

“What Does The Accelerator Cover?”

While it is rare to fully implement everything in a year, you should have (at a minimum) a fully functional, optimized lead-generation system. This semi-automated lead generation system consists of a network of outbound messaging systems and social media platforms, using a combination of organic content, paid advertising, funnels, and nurturing sequences to illuminate the very real pain that your ideal prospects are feeling, yet are not quite aware of.

We do this to create your authority status within your industry, using the lighthouse effect to draw your ideal prospects to you, instead of you chasing them, in turn freeing you to serve them at a higher level.

The Accelerator 2.0 will be the backbone of your training, regardless of what program you are in, and we are there 100% with customized support and accountability. This is a complete platform with all the training you will ever need for the life of your business, encompassing everything from:

Productivity and project management systems, as well as deep mindset lessons

Building entire prospecting campaigns from scratch, building from the ground up and in real time as other students watch

Extensive cold-calling and sales training, and I guarantee you’ve never seen anything as effective. It’s different than anything you’ve ever experienced before, and the results our students are getting already have been tremendous. 

A full breakdown on how to run Discovery Calls / Sales Meetings, and the different styles of closing high-level offers in a recession

Cash management in a recession, as well as our CEO Financial Dashboard training

A breakdown of my own offer, how to build your own, as well as how to unbundle it to give your prospects multiple options and diversify your income streams

Content marketing: everything from written  to video content

Social media advertising: Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as Google ads (display ads)…as well as how to get free display ads on content you curate. 

Creating a Career Coaching program to diversify your income streams  

Building an operational machine, including establishing your Value Chain, determining your metrics, establishing your systems, as well as hiring and scaling (organizational and compensation structures)., starting a podcast, etc

Upcoming lessons: SEO optimizations, starting a podcast, etc

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