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7-figure headhunter

This is the program that started it all. In our original flagship program, you will learn how to brand, automate, and scale your recruiting practice to 7-figures and beyond. Learn how I escaped my soul-crushing cubicle life and how I created Financial Freedom for me and my family, and you can do the same with this program. Included are all the tools, scripts, templates, and recruiting agreements you need to start and scale your practice. Also included is an entire masterclass on foundational executive search.

This program is a $1,997 value

3-day sales bootcamp

In this pre-recorded three day event, I showed a select group of recruiters a silver-bullet sales system that will be the key to recessionPROOFING your recruitment career. Because remember, it's those who can ACTUALLY LAND clients that will be able to write their own ticket and cash in on one of the most lucrative times in our industry's history. This includes actual scripts and templates we use in our search practice. Just plug and go!

This program is a $997 value

The spear workshop

In my most recent workshop, I finally revealed my all-time favorite tactic that I've only taught in my Higher-Level Programs: The Spear Technique. This is how you pour high-octane fuel into your prospecting outreach, turning "Nos" into "Yeses" and blowing away your competition. Also included is a a bonus lesson on another favorite outreach technique, Copy-Weaving. Includes plug n' play scripts and templates that you can use right away.

This program is a $497 value

RISE UP masterclass series

During the summer of 2020, when lockdowns or furloughs were the news of the day and most recruiters were left struggling in the midst of a massive recession, I held a series of live masterclasses designed to give you the tools to weather the storm. Includes lessons on developing a Career-Coaching program you can bolt on to your existing practice, how to Market Candidates in a way never done before in our industry, and how to structure your business model so you never have to worry about being flushed out of the market ever again.

This masterclass series is a $497 value


A series of masterclasses I held as we were coming out of the Covid lockdowns and the economy was on its way to recovery. In this series, you'll find extensive deep dives into Sales + Marketing Systems, what I like to call the 'Radically Honest Cold Call,' how to run proper Discovery Calls, how to incorporate Automation + Hyper-Personalization into your prospecting, how to move from Contingency to Retainer, and lastly my massive Yearly Planning Masterclass.

This masterclass series is a $997 value

30-day double your clients challenge

Originally held in early 2020, our 30-Day Double Your Clients Challenge is a fun, highly motivating, and interactive 30-day client-development experience that holds you by the hand as you MASSIVELY grow your pipeline of clients, with the same prospecting system I teach my private clients. Included are all of the templates, spreadsheets, trackers, and accountability systems you need to hit the ground running in 2022.

This program is a $997 value

LinkedIn Recruiter Hero

LinkedIn Recruiter Hero is a full course designed to take your lead generation on LinkedIn to the next level, so you can find, attract, and most importantly, convert your leads into actual paying clients, or candidates your clients will pay fees for, without feeling like a sleazy sales person, and without being lumped into the same category body shop recruiters. This course was a companion piece to our 7-Figure Headhunter training.

This program is a $497 value

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