"In-the-trenches" recruitment expert unveils a course unlike anything you've ever seen:


Skyrocket Your Billings With Our Groundbreaking AI Persona System - Amplify Your Presence, Magnetize Top Clients, and Leave the Competition in the Dust!
"DSP here, and buckle up because we're about to crank the dial to eleven on your recruiting game. This ain't your grandma's AI - we're talking about a nuclear-powered, laser-focused, client-attracting machine that'll have your competition wondering what the hell just hit 'em."


From the desk of David Stephen Patterson
My friend, I'm going to let you in on a secret that looks set to flip the world of recruitment on its head.

But let's take a step back for a moment. There was a time when I was the biggest naysayer about the use of AI for content generation. I railed against it, declaring it would never match the quality and authenticity of human-penned content.
And then, everything changed.
One day, one of my mentors took me aside. I was skeptical, but he insisted. He showed me the groundbreaking capabilities of AI personas. I experienced firsthand the revolutionary power of an assembly of words crafted not by a human hand, but by an AI model that echoed my voice more accurately than I ever believed possible.

I was beyond blown away. I was catapulted from the realm of disbelief to being a believer. The transformation was earth-shattering, and it forever altered my approach to content generation.

For that one learning moment, I owe a great deal to Jeff.

Soon after that pivotal day, I started working with recruiters on a one-on-one basis, helping them implement AI Personas directly into their businesses, transforming their recruitment practices and freeing up them to do what they do best: CLOSING DEALS.

While it's been a helluva program, I understand not everyone can afford our premium one-on-one offering. So, we've taken this service and designed a cost-effective "Do-it-Yourself" version, while keeping all the magical goodness.
So if you want to supercharge your recruiting and marketing efforts but don't want to shell out $1500 for our personalized sessions, your ship has finally arrived.
Welcome to the cutting-edge frontier of AI, empowering you to command your own team of specialized AI Personas. These dynamic AI champions craft precision-targeted content, blueprint recruitment strategies worth their weight in gold, and help you generate an avalanche of leads, all while you sit back, soak up the rewards and watch as your brand reputation rockets into orbit.

My friend, this adventure is all about action, it's about leaving theory at the doorstep and embracing practical change. We're not selling you stale academia, boring lectures, or lame AI prompts you can pick up for free online - this is a hands-on, immersive dive into creating and flexing the power of AI Personas that'll knock your competition off their feet and leave them floundering in your wake.

"Wait...What's An AI Persona?"

Good question, and I'll ask you one in return:

If you could clone yourself, teaching your replica to walk, talk, and write just like you, would you do it?

Imagine, an army of 'yous,' tirelessly working around the clock, multiplying your productivity, and growing your business exponentially.

Well, time for a reality check - we've got something even better than that. Science fiction is now science fact, thanks to the advent of AI personas. These aren't just robotic algorithms indiscriminately firing off content. No sir. These are meticulously crafted digital versions of you, imbued with your unique voice, style, and knowledge.

Your AI persona is your digital doppelgänger, a virtual extension of you, echoing your voice in every piece of content it crafts. It speaks your language, reflects your tone, and knows your market intimately. But unlike you, it requires neither sleep nor rest, and it''s ready to deliver top-tier content at warp speed.

Consider your AI persona as your partner - a tireless sidekick that amplifies your productivity, strengthens your brand consistency, and supercharges your client and candidate experience. Equal parts content strategy guru, social media whiz, customer service rockstar, and recruiting maestro.

From compelling LinkedIn posts to long-form articles, authentic recruiting emails to engaging job descriptions - your AI persona delivers results that keep raising the bar. Dare to imagine? Every word it crafts, every strategy it forms, every connection it fosters… It all leads to one single outcome - unstoppable growth for your recruitment practice.
That, my friend, is the magic of an AI persona.
Grip the steering wheel to your business' future with AI Persona Blueprint. It's your shortcut to breakneck growth DESPITE the recession, all without breaking the bank.


Believe it or not, that magic of an AI persona? It's real, tangible, and entirely within your reach. Today, right here, right now, you're standing at the precipice of an opportunity that braves the gusts and perils of the recession storm. 

Now, crafting impactful courses is something I've done many times, but this...this dares to be different. It's expansive, intensive, and born from the need to help recruiters like you to navigate the treacherous path of this market recession.

We've seen it, felt it – the tightening grip of the recession making lives challenging for recruiters worldwide. But what if I told you that you have a weapon to combat this, a secret ingredient that can be your unfailing beacon amid the darkness?
That secret ingredient is AI. The highest point of leverage in your arsenal.
Welcome to the cutting-edge frontier of AI integration, a journey that opens the doors to command your own team of specialized AI Personas. These dynamic AI champions craft precision-targeted content, blueprint recruitment strategies worth their weight in gold, and help you generate an avalanche of leads, all while you sit back, soak up the rewards and watch as your brand reputation rockets into orbit.

My friend, this adventure is all about action, it's about leaving theory at the doorstep and embracing practical change. We're not selling you stale academia, boring lectures, or lame AI prompts you can pick up for free online - this is a hands-on, immersive dive into creating and flexing the power of AI Personas that'll knock your competition off their feet and leave them floundering in your wake.
...and it ain't even close.
This is the ticket to not just surviving but thriving in the recruitment Sahara that the recession has created. It's about breaking past the traditional to embrace the transformative, rewriting the rules of of the game and reshaping the recruiter's role.

In your hands, or rather, in your computers will rest an array of AI Personas, each with its unique command over different aspects of your chosen profession. They are multipurpose, multifaceted, and leverage the best that technology has to offer today.

Using AI Personas, arming them with your voice and your recruitment brand's values, you can navigate this beginning recession in a way you’ve never imagined before. The key to your success in conquering this recession is right here on this page:
AI Personas.
Welcome to AI Persona Blueprint, where your practice's growth is ceaseless, where your productivity and efficiency scale new heights, and, most importantly, where recessions are mere stepping stones in your journey to the top.

But you don't have to take my word for it. I invite you to read on, dive into exactly what's included in our AI Persona Blueprint program, and see how it speaks to your vision of fighting past this recession and emerging victorious. 

This is your introductory step onto a path of survivability in a recruiting world that's changing faster by the day. 

Actually, make that thrivability. 

...and yeah. I know that's not a word. 😉

Now, let's take you through exactly what's in store within the program.
Combat this recession head-on with our DIY AI Persona Blueprint Program, and launch your recruitment practice into the stratosphere despite the economic downturn.
READY TO LAUNCH! 3...2...1...


Alright, roll up your sleeves and sit tight because we're about to hit the road on a journey that's going to revolutionize the way you handle your recruitment practice. When we open the hood on the powerhouse that is the AI Persona Blueprint program, you'll be gobsmacked at the artillery we're equipping you with in this battle.
Now listen, I ain't trying to tell you that mastering AI is going to be a walk in the park. You're not going to turn into a digital Harry Potter overnight. But remember, every roller coaster ride starts with that first climb. I don't believe in mincing words here. I believe in delivering results, getting our hands dirty in the muck, and fighting the good fight.

So, here's the deal - the AI Persona Blueprint program is a mind-blowing course that, when you’re done with it, is going to turbocharge your recruitment business like it’s got a NOS injection. My friend, this is your roadmap to autopilot, to having a seamless, efficient recruitment machine running behind the scenes, giving you more freedom and more wins in the market.
I've divided the course into three comprehensive, mind-bending modules. Each of these modules has been thought through and designed with the precision of a Swiss clockmaker. Trust me, at the end of this ride, you won't just be ready to take on the recession. You'll be buckled up, engine revving, foot on the throttle, ready to leave it hanging onto your dust.

Get ready to dive headfirst into the kind of knowledge that’s going to arm you the kind of artillery that'll make you a frontrunner in this cutthroat world of search, a standout recruiter in a sea of lookalike leg-humpers. 
Fair enough.

Let's get the ball rolling and dive into precisely what this program offers. Get ready to become intimate with the ways of AI Personas through these reality-sculpting modules. Let's do this.


Now that I have you salivating over the prospect of commanding your own army of AI Copywriters, let's crack this open and take a look at what you're getting when you join our program:
Module 1: Understanding AI and AI Personas
An Introduction to AI Platforms (Chat GPT, Bard, Claude, MidJourney): Kickstart your AI journey by diving into prominent AI platforms. Understand their inner workings and the unique features they bring to the table, with over the shoulder tutorials on how to use them.
Understanding AI Personas: What They Are and Why They Matter: Here, you'll learn why AI Personas are the new cool kids on the block. Discover how AI personas revolutionize not just your recruitment process but also your entire digital presence. It's like understanding why the Beatles had such fanatics, only better.
Emulating your Unique Style, Niche Expertise, Influencer Emulation: Peek into the world of AI persona emulation, the ability of AI to mimic specific styles & niche expertise. It's like having your own stunt double - only the stunts are in your email campaigns, blog posts, and social content.
Harnessing Tools and Tech: Exploring Plugins, Open AI's API Systems, and Third-party Tools: Become the Tony Stark of your recruitment firm with this invaluable lesson. Learn how to wield powerful their-party tools and APIs, and integrate with your tech stack. Understand the nuts and bolts of these tech marvels and tame them to work wonders for your recruitment operations. It's like unlocking your very own digital swiss army knife, primed and ready to take on any recruitment challenge.
Mastering Advanced AI Prompting Techniques: Here's where things get spicy. Like mixing a complex cocktail, dive into the advanced AI prompting techniques that will elevate your results. Learn about creating Memory Anchors, Decomposing Prompts, Two-Stepping Prompts, and motivating your AI with Reward Systems. Unpack these concepts and weave them into your AI dialogues, and by the end of this lesson, you'll be coaxing magic from your AI Persona like a seasoned sorcerer.
Common Issues in AI Persona Creation and How to Solve Them: Get ready to play detective in this insightful lesson that unveils the usual suspects of AI persona creation troubles. Tackle common problems like ensuring your AI persona doesn't come off as a doppelganger with an identity crisis but instead embodies your brand like a seasoned method actor. Master the balance of generalization without turning your AI persona into a jack-of-all-trades, and get ready to tackle unintentional AI blunders that could earn more frowns than smiles. It's all about making your AI persona your brand's best mate, not a misfit.
Module 2: The AI Persona Creation Process
Step 1: Identify Your AI’s Specific Role: Every hero needs an origin story. Here, you'll learn to define the roles and responsibilities for your AI Persona, like assigning a mission to James Bond.
Step 2: Crafting your AI Persona’s Personality and Writing Style: Create a compelling and engaging personality for your AI Persona, as richly layered as a Shakespearean lead.
Step 3: Educating the AI Persona about Your Company: The AI Persona needs to know your organization just as well as you, if not better - like training your very own Watson about Sherlock's methods!
Step 4: Educating the AI Persona About Your Industry, Clients, and Candidates: Take the role of a professor, schooling the AI Persona about the intricate details of your industry, the peculiarities of your clients, and the dreams of your candidates. Regard this as a crucial orientation program that empowers your AI Persona to understand the recruitment world as a whole.
Step 5: Checking the AI Persona’s Understanding: Think of this as your AI Persona's comprehensive year-end exam, where you assess its grasp of your company and its role.
Step 6: Fine-Tuning Specific Prompts: The subtle art of finessing prompts to get the most bang for your buck from your AI Persona, much like tuning a vintage guitar to create harmonious melodies.
Module 3: Creating Specific AI Personas
[Content and Media] Social Media Manager: Crafting enticing LinkedIn posts and managing social calendars that do more than just tick the check box. Keep your clients and candidates engaged with social media posts so electric, they would make Tesla jealous.
[Content and Media] Article Writer: Your dedicated content ace, writing SEO-rich blog articles to keep your website sitting atop Google Search results like the king of the castle. Also, doubles as your voice on LinkedIn, building authority with every post.
[Content and Media] Email Campaign Writer: Creating compelling email copy for both Recruiting and Business Development that pierces through the noise, because we all know every Tom, Dick, and Harry recruiter is fighting for the spotlight in your prospect’s inboxes.
[Content and Media] Book Writer: An elegant scribe to turn your knowledge into riveting e-books and page-turning tomes, ensuring your reputation as an authority is more etched in stone than the Ten Commandments.
[Content and Media] Content Strategist: Your navigator in the digital content ocean, executing content audits, SEO enhancements, and UX improvements for your website to keep your content strategy as tight as a drum.
[Content and Media] Publicist: Crafting engaging pitches and amplifying your visibility so much, you'll need sunglasses to look at your future. If you want to boost your brand as an expert in your industry, this is the way you do it.
[Content and Media] Graphic Artist: Designing a logo for your new firm so eye-catchy, Picasso would want tips. Gets you results faster than you can say MidJourney.
[Content and Media] Video Scriptwriter: The AI Spielberg of your recruitment agency, creating engaging and concise scripts for video job ads to grab top-quality candidates' attention, every single time. Want to create value videos for your client market? Boom! This persona can handle that too.
[Content and Media] Podcast Booker: Your digital PR expert, spotting podcast opportunities, crafting pitches well enough to sell refrigerators to Eskimos, and securing top-tier podcast appearances with the finesse of a Broadway agent.
[Recruitment Optimization] Recruiting Assistant: Your swiss knife in the recruitment world, revamping mundane job descriptions into engaging job postings.
[Recruitment Optimization] MPC Writer: Your storyteller in disguise, crafting enticing, confidential presentations featuring your candidates' unique skills, personalities, and secret sauce to woo potential clients.
[Recruitment Optimization] Executive Summary Expert: A master of writing efficiency who distills your candidate’s complex details into concise, impactful candidate submissions that leave your clients starstruck - every time you submit your short list.
[Recruitment Optimization] LinkedIn Profile Writer: A seasoned builder of powerful LinkedIn profiles that stand tall in the crowd, strengthening both you and your firm’s credibility.
[Recruitment Optimization] Resume Writer: Transforms mundane work histories into compelling stories. This persona has one job - to make your candidates look like the rockstars they are.
[Recruitment Optimization] Boolean Search String Creator: The wizard of advanced online sourcing, unleashing the power of Boolean search to help you pinpoint needle-in-the-haystack candidates.
[Recruitment Optimization] Talent Sourcing Agent: Your specialized scout, crafting candidate sourcing strategies from LinkedIn, job boards, talent pools and industry-specific forums; enhancing your talent acquisition efficiency and wowing your clients.
[Recruitment Optimization] SOP and Workflow Builder: Your streamlined solution for operations, churning out efficient Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and workflows that turn your recruitment process into a well-oiled machine.
[Market Research] Market Researcher: The Sherlock of your recruitment agency, delving into industry specifics and emerging trends to keep your strategy ahead by a country mile.
[Market Research] Competitor Researcher: Your personal Eye of Sauron (for all you LOTR geeks), keeping a keen eye on competitors, their offerings, client base, and unique selling points, serving you information hotter than a fresh batch of gossip.
[Client Communication] Customer Service: Especially handy if your offshore VA doesn't have the best communication skills. VA's secret weapon, helping them handle both client and candidate relationships with style and grace.
[Business Management] Leadership Consultant: Delivering insights and strategies for effective leadership straight into your brain like Morpheus in The Matrix - without the painful plug-in.
[Business Management] Project Manager: Launching a new website? Changing your ATS? Planning complex recruitment campaigns? This AI Persona is your unwavering guardian of timelines, planning your projects from inception to completion without breaking a sweat.
[Business Management] Financial Planner: A sage in the world of stocks and bonds, offering financial, investment, and tax advice. Perfect for building your wealth as effectively as you build your talent pool.
[Business Management] Sales Funnel Optimizer: A virtuoso in sales process optimization, providing insights to increase conversions, close deals rapidly, and make your sales funnel smoother than greased lightning!
[Business Management] Branding Consultant: Your company's very own branding expert, shaping your agency’s identity, creating compelling branding narratives and carving your unique space in the recruiting world.
[Business Management] Employee Engagement Advisor: Got a remote-based search firm with dis-engaged recruiters? The persona will craft creative strategies to keep your employee morale higher than a caffeine-fueled all-nighter.
[Life Management] Productivity Coach: Your personal coach for your time management and productivity needs, helping you craft strategies to stay on top of your tasks and kick those nasty procrastination habits to the curb.
[Life Management] Fitness Coach: A healthy mind and body is essential for a healthy recruitment practice. This persona is your digital wellness guru, concocting an exercise and fitness plan that keeps you fit, so you can focus on closing deals rather than extra calories.
[Legal and Compliance] Legal Consultant: Your knight in shiny armor, reviewing fee agreements, creating contracts, and battling those draconian vendor agreements.
[Cool Personas That Are Hard To Categorize] Career Pathway Planner: Think of this as your candidate guidance counselor, laying out potential career paths for different roles, the stepping stones needed, and encouraging professional growth like a nurturing teacher.
[Cool Personas That Are Hard To Categorize] AI Prompt Creator: Taking AI to a new meta level, this is an AI Persona that creates other AI personas like a digital Fibonacci sequence. It’s like AI Persona Inception but in the recruitment realm.
Now the AI Persona Blueprint, comprehensive as it is, doesn't just stop at arming you with the knowledge of AI Personas. Nope, we're just getting to the good part. 

You see, with me, it's all about playing the long game. It's about being there every step of the way with you, in your corner, amplifying your strengths, minimizing your weaknesses, and crushing the competition.

That's why, in addition to the wealth of content within the three modules of the AI Persona Blueprint, we are also throwing in some hefty value-add-ons that ensure you truly digest and master the program–keeping you fighting fit on your path to recruiting mastery. 

I'm not going to just leave you in the woods with a compass. We're sticking around to ensure you find your way to the promised land in one piece.
AI Resources & Goodies
Checklists and Templates: Just like the recipe for grandma's secret pie, I've cooked up some extremely useful checklists and templates for you. Every AI Persona will have its very own templates to go along with it, as well as suggested prompts and instructions on how to operate it.
AI Persona Community Forum: Remember the first moon landing? Remember how monumental it was? Well, hold onto your seats because we're launching our very own off-Facebook community, With dedicated channels for each of our courses. It's our brand new, gravity-defying platform, and our AI Persona Channel will be it's very first iteration. It's SpaceX for discussions on everything AI - minus the rocket fuel. So step away from the Facebook void, suit up, and come aboard for an out-of-this-world experience! Let's band together, helping each other navigate the AI cosmos.
90 Days Email Support: Got a bug to squash or need a quick fix on your AI persona? Beam a Bat-light into the digital sky, or in our case, drop me an email, and we'll dive into action quicker than a cat on a hot tin roof. And that's available for each buyer for 90 whole days!
Rev up your recruitment engine with the AI Persona Blueprint, injecting your efficiency with pure adrenalin, without making your bank account break a sweat.


You've just had a grand tour of what we’re offering with the AI Persona Blueprint, and built a vision of the power that lies within your grasp.

But now, I reckon it's time to put your money where your future is. After all, an adventure like this ain't about standing on the sidelines - it’s about jumping in the driver’s seat and leaving rubber trails on the road to success.

Ready to step up and play? If this feels like the program you've been waiting for, then let's make it happen. Let’s thrive in that recession, making it not a sentence, but a stepping stone for you.

This, my friend, is where your talk meets our action. Right below, you’ll find the order form. It's a ticket, a commitment, a pact between you and your unlimited potential.

Fill it out, click that button, and let's get this adventure on the road. Let's open up those floodgates to an era of streamlined, razor-sharp recruiting, to leveraging your capabilities tenfold, and to an AI-fueled future that's so bright, you're gonna need some shades. 

Welcome aboard, partner. The future awaits you!


We've Worked With Over 450 Badass Firms Around The World. Here's What Some Of Them Have To Say:
  • "...this program is a no brainer. It's changed my business. It's changed the way that I approach recruiting and it changes the way that both hiring managers and candidates approach me."

    "This is a game changer. And if you want to change the game, if you want to change the way you approach recruiting and have a much better time, more stable income, more stable cash coming in, this is the way to go."
    Jay Veniard: Founder | Ventech Search
  • "I have been recruiting for over 20 years. Throughout those years, I have learned a lot from various trainers within the industry. They taught me the nuts & bolts of recruiting – essentially, how to work ‘in my business.’"

    "David took me to the next level and taught me how to ‘work on my business’ – building the systems, processes, procedures and follow the best practices in order to capitalize on today’s digital age tools."

    Pierre Clemenceau: President | Real Time Recruiting
  • "He knows what he’s doing. He’s smart. He’s got it going on. We all know it. You see it. I see it. It’s hard not to see it. The program itself is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t recommend it more. Your only limitations are yourself."

    "The amount of effort and work that he puts into really building your business and helping you understand how to run a successful business is incredible and it’s it’s worth every penny. It’s absolutely amazing."

    James Aiken: Founder | Legacy Search
  • "Gotta tell ya, David has it down. He is right on the money. He truly is a recruiter for the digital age. Lots of energy, he is very motivating and keeps you on your toes and actually makes it very enjoyable. He shows you step by step not just what to do, but how to do it."

    "But if you wanna know what really sets him apart is his generosity. He treats you like a partner and shares things w/ the group that are intrinsic to his business, that he has taken years to develop and have made him successful. He puts a lot into it and frankly gives damn about his clients. Always makes time for his clients if you need to discuss anything with him. Well worth more than I paid."

    Nick Mancino: President | Velocity Staffing
  • "David is a master of so many things. Marketing, Selling, Recruiting, Digital Technology, but as a client, I found David to be patient, always ready to share just a little more, going above and beyond, giving everything and making sure his clients have a deep understanding of everything he covers."

    "He’s personable, tells stale jokes, but makes us laugh as he is so human in his approach. I’ve learned more about how to take my business further and farther in my training with David than I have in my entire 15-year career in recruitment."
    Cass Murray: Founder | CLM Careers
  • "David is the most hands-on coach and recruiter trainer I have ever worked with. He has a deep understanding of the most up to date marketing tools and processes and applied it to the Executive Search Business, which is in dire need of an overhaul."

    "I have used his many suggestions to update my tired systems and processes, making recruiting a whole lot more enjoyable and profitable! Engaging, and a very personable personality, available, and accessible is what keeps me coming back!"
    Karen Sturgeon: President | KLA Industries
  • "David is an amazing coach, mentor and trainer on all things recruiting and marketing. The content he has put together is very robust and if you follow his advice you will see your practice grow! One thing I most appreciate is that he is always available to answer questions and he works tirelessly to do more and more and then even more for his clients….I don’t know how he has the time and energy, but he does!"
    Melissa Quist: Founder | My Marketing Recruiter
  • "I would highly recommend David to anyone who believes, as I do, that digital marketing is the way to take your business to the next level. He is not only an amazing recruiter, but also an incredible coach and mentor – I can honestly say that I got a lot more than what I signed up."

    "David not only shares his expertise in marketing but also many incredible tools that I already started using and know will continue to use. He is a genuine and authentic guy who goes above and beyond to help and share his knowledge – I truly enjoy the coaching and look forward to our weekly group calls, they are not only full of knowledge but also funny and engaging! Without a doubt he is the best!"
    Laura Gonzalez: Founder | CDM Search
  • "David is a Master Recruiter coach! He really is an expert in so many areas and is willing to share all of his knowledge. I have no idea how he has all of his energy or time, it’s pretty mindblowing."

    "The money I spent on the program, I have received tenfold back in my business already. I have learned so much in terms of marketing and sales especially – he knows every tool out there you could possibly know for your business and how to make it better. There is so much content in this program I struggle to finish it all, but it is so helpful. It is like graduate school for Recruiters."
    Erin Monahan: Founder | EFM Recruiting
  • "David’s content is cutting edge, drawn from his personal headhunting success and experience, and delivered with his high energy, no BS style. You will walk away inspired to take your head hunting business and / or recruiting career to the next level! Truly it’s helped me to transform my business."

    "…it provided me with the knowledge, the skills, the confidence and also just the motivation to really take my business to the next level. I am completely shocked with how quickly things have transformed and changed for me and I couldn’t be more grateful!"
    Rosalie Hughes: Founder | Hughes Recruitment
  • "David has been a great asset to me and my organization. His mentoring and advice has helped me build my brand and business. I highly recommend David to anyone I know. Many of his principles translate to other industries as well. David is down to earth and is genuinely looking to help anyone he works with."
    Irvin White III: Founder | On The Money Search
  • "The thing that really leapt out to me was he’s a guy who’s training in recruitment but is actually running his own headhunting business. So everything he teaches has been tested in real time, sometimes in the same way that I’m running with it as well. So I love that he’s a guy that can walk the walk, and the talk."

    “Ive got some awesome things coming out to industry that are groundbreaking in Australia that I attribute directly to DSP and to this course. So my only recommendation is that if you are a recruiter in Australia, don’t buy this course. There’s nothing to see here. Move along…"
    Kara Atkinson: President | SPARC Network
  • "David Patterson, or as he is warmly referred to in our group as ‘DSP’ has an amazing and uncanny ability to convey and teach the ever growing and expanding world of recruitment, executive search and headhunting."

    "His techniques are modern, innovative, stylish and overall fun. David is eloquent with his words, and has a strong ability to listen. If you are a recruiter, and need to know the secrets to growing your business, then DSP is for you. I can say that I spent hours and days with David and I could do it all again as it never gets boring."

    Clinton Hasenberg: Sales Director | BT
  • "David is both an outstanding coach and one of the best players in our industry. The very first time I pitched my higher level offer, I got the equivalent of over 120,000 euros worth of exclusive retained search. And now, as we speak, I never work weekends, I only work exclusives. And I never discount my fees."

    "It’s such a peace of mind to realize that you’re not playing in the same league anymore. I mean, I don’t want to sound arrogant, but it’s really a change of paradigm in terms of how you position yourself and how you deliver your services to your clients and the value that you bring to your clients and also the candidates you work with."
    Nicolas Greppo: Founder | Le Recruteur Data
  • "I’d already had a 20-year career in recruiting and staffing and a pretty darn good one at that. But I wanted to have a significant change in how I actually approached business and find out ways that I could have a small company but be able to have the reach of a much larger company."

    "And with his guidance, training, his program and the lighthouse methodology, I’ve been able to do just that. A lot of people can say this, but I don’t even make sales calls anymore, and I’m busy as I want to be. If you’re going to have a coach…I can’t think of anyone better than David Stephen Patterson. It’s been the best decision I’ve made in my career."
    Josh Matthews: Founder | Endeavor Staffing
  • "I have never had anyone speak to me indirectly (through his marketing) in a way where they understand my world and my struggles more than David. It was obvious. This guy gets it. He has lived it. Breathed it. Been successful at it…and now taught my peers how to turn the game on its head."

    "David’s program was the single greatest professional investment I have ever made. I had my best 6 months in business ever…during covid. Because of his tutelage. He has a model for success, he genuinely cares, and he is there to help."
    Brian Polansky: Founder | Top Value Recruitment
  • "David is simply an amazing coach and teacher. I have learned so much on his Accelerator course, it has sharpened my skills in so many more ways than I could ever imagine."

    "His generous spirit, extraordinary knowledge, original approach – it is all amazing and fun! And you get the training from the frontlines, from someone who is in the business daily, testing, adjusting, growing. I found that so valuable, because all my past trainers didn’t work ‘in’ the business any longer; so there was a certain disconnect with what happens in the field every day. With David it’s always cutting edge, nothing stale here!"
    Hanna Prinsloo: Founder | Stratsource
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