USE OUR proven system to multiply your billings by 2-5X in 2022

Even if you’re starting from scratch…

FYI…this is NOT just some online course. These are DONE-WITH-YOU and DONE-FOR-YOU programs that will automate and increase the flow of laser-focused client and candidate leads into your practice, to set you up for maximum success.

The Digital Headhunter Growth Accelerator program has changed the lives of many recruiters and small search firm owners, and has always been an invitation-only program. In short, it’s a build out of an entire marketing eco-system, combined with real-world prospecting, sales, recruitment, operations, and hiring training.

In other words, it’s a full implementation of The Lighthouse Method™, but we are there to support you every step of the way.

In Growth Accelerator, you will be developing a complete prospecting system (both automated and manual), you will be learning how to craft a higher-level offer (engaged / retained search) and be able to sell it in a way that’s never been taught before in the business, and develop a complete marketing eco-system by establishing your Omnipresence + Relevancy through organic content as well as paid advertising.

WHAT’s inside the accelerator?

This is a 1-year, Done-With-You program designed to help you implement The Lighthouse Method™ in your recruiting practice, so you can automate and increase the flow of laser-focused client and candidate leads. Our program includes an extensive video course that is supplemented with group mentorship, coaching, and accountability, and David Stephen Patterson as well as other coaches will be leading the support calls during the 1-Year program.

You also get access to his team, as well as a private Facebook group for community access so you can ask questions from the other Growth Accelerator and Tactical students, to make sure we all work to help you remove any roadblocks you may face as they come up.

the purpose behind the accelerator

After testing sales and marketing systems for hundreds of search firms all over the world, we’ve come to find that looking at your recruiting practice like a value chain is the key building a predictable (and sustainable) business.

For most companies, a value chain is a business model that describes the full range of activities needed to create a product or deliver a service (or to take an unrefined, unfinished good and turn it into a finished product. For our purposes however, we can also look at a value chain as the full range of activities needed to turn a prospect who doesn’t know you from a hole in the wall, into a raving fan client who sticks with you year after year.

This is the heart of our method, and is the basis for what we (tongue-in-cheek) refer to as ‘The War Machine:’

…and the ‘War Machine’ is powered by two vital engines:

Click on each image for a closer look, and if you want to get a detailed walkthrough,

watch the 43-minute training above

What you have in front of you is the full diagram of a Sales + Marketing + Recruiting build-out, and is incredibly effective even in partial builds. This is when we teach you how to deploy within our Growth Accelerator program (or that we build for you in our Tactical program).

In the Growth Accelerator, you will learn to look at your recruiting practice as a series of machines, building and executing on each with intense purpose over time to unlock massive profits and create an incredibly valuable business.

…and ultimately, build your net worth and cash flow (why else are we here?)


The Growth Accelerator is not cheap, but the ROI is in the 100’s and even 1,000’s of percent.

Ultimately, you will get out what you put in. You invest your money, time and energy into this program and can expect extraordinary results:


You will shoot out of the gate like greased lightning on rails, and you can expect a 500K+ yearly run-rate in your first year


You will find an entirely new gear you never thought you had, getting to $1M+ per year if you are willing to build a supporting team around you (remote rainmaker model)


You will unleash a high-impact brigade of hungry spartans, giving them a reason to stay and to help grow your empire (and theirs by extension). You can expect to build to $2-5M+ (or 2-5X’s your current billings) in 12-24 months


As you can see from The War Machine, Marketing Engine, and Recruiting Engine diagrams above, you will be deploying a semi-automated lead generation system that consists of a network of outbound messaging systems and social media platforms, using a combination of organic content, paid advertising, funnels, and nurturing sequences to illuminate the pain that your prospects are feeling (that you can solve), and the pain your candidates are feeling (that your client’s opportunity can solve).

We do this to create your authority status within your industry, using the lighthouse effect to draw your ideal prospects to you, instead of you chasing them, in turn freeing you to serve them at a higher level.

The Growth Accelerator platform will be the backbone of your training, and we are there 100% with customized support and accountability. This is a complete platform with all the training you will ever need for the life of your business, encompassing everything from:


This is the key to creating laser-targeted messaging that slices through your noisy market like a hot knife through butter, enabling you to achieve a level of market-resonance you never thought would be possible.

Higher response rates, higher mind-share, higher sales conversion rates, higher-level positions, and higher fill rates are the rewards for the work you do here. 


Take your existing offer and scale it up to be the premium offer in your niche, synchronize it with your messaging, and create a hyper profitable unit case you can scale once you step on the marketing pedal.

That means moving from rat-race (multiple-agency) Contingency to Exclusive Contingency

That means moving from Exclusive Contingency to Engaged (Money-Down) Search

That means moving from Engaged to Fully Retained Search

That means transforming your Retained Solution so it will stand up to (and easily beat) shoot outs with the big-name SHREK firms who work at those levels (or whoever is top-dog in your niche right now)

We will also show you how to get real case studies from your clients (and candidates) that will act like rocket fuel being poured into your marketing machine.


Develop a predictable and consistent prospecting engine that generates 20-40 sales meetings every month per desk.

The big-dog billers know the secret to billing big year after year: packing your calendar with enough sales meetings to never have to worry about losing legacy clients (always happens) and to continually upgrade your clients and raise your fees.

The same applies to the candidate side of the equation. In this hotter-than-ever ‘candidate-driven’ market, even C-Players are getting multiple offers and counter-offers to boot. The candidates you promised your clients are getting pounded by recruiters all day every day. The only way for you to cut through the noise is to build trust with your candidate market at scale.

Our system works to build relationships between you and your candidate market at scale, so when you tell your new client that you have the inside track on elusive A-Players, you can actually deliver.

Campaigns include

LinkedIn automation sequences

Email automation sequences (and how to sync between the two)

Voicemail drops, direct mail, channel partners, and yes even cold-call training (I guarantee you’ve never seen anything as effective as our cold-call techniques)

Business-development campaigns, job-lead campaigns, salary survey campaigns, MPC (candidate marketing) campaigns

Advanced prospecting and recruiting techniques that no one is using in the recruitment space, including three of our most powerful methods: The Spear Technique, Copy-Weaving, and Hyper-Personalization (see examples below)

Client landers and candidate landers (landing pages used directly in our outbound prospecting and recruiting campaigns. Check out this example of a candidate lander we’re using for one of our search clients (sensitive info redacted obviously):


How to build a seamless sales conversion machine that will confound your competitors and delight your prospects. Remember, people don’t like to be sold, but they LOVE TO BUY. We show you how to make the sales process a pleasure for your future raving-fan clients.

The days of simply taking a job order and rolling out your fee at the end are over. It’s time for a more contemporary sales process.


Building the structural funnel(s) that provide a smooth-like-butter experience for your clients & candidates both: your website, LinkedIn, scheduling funnels, MPC landers, client landers, chatbots, as well as the marketing collateral you will be using in your sales process.


Creating top-of-funnel, mid-funnel, and bottom-of-funnel content that layers on top of your Prospecting, Sales, + Recruiting Machines that draws in new prospects and candidates like flies to honey, and works to pre-sell them before they ever get on the phone (or Zoom call) with you. Includes written content, video, podcast (which is one of the best sales funnels ever), etc.


Now you’re taking that top-of-funnel, mid-funnel, and bottom-of-funnel content and pushing it out to the news feeds of your ideal clients using paid advertising, a place your competitors are likely unwilling (or scared) to explore: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Display…and even YouTube.

Now you may be thinking that social media advertising is a waste, and that big brand-name recruitment firms aren’t building their brand recognition with your clients and candidates:


Let’s face it: your average recruiter is completely unproductive. At some point in time it happens to all of us, and it kills our productivity, our production, our billings, and the passion that got you in this business to begin with.

There’s a reason why, and it isn’t just a lack of planning. Every recruiting trainer in the known universe teaches how to plan your day.

Bottom line, the standard planning training you’ve seen so many iterations of in this business just doesn’t cut it.

…because let’s be real; in your life you have your Big Rocks that you HAVE TO take care of, but you constantly let the Small Rocks get in the way of you taking care of your Big Rocks, and you probably have no system you can rely on effectively manage and make sense of it all.

We’re going to teach you how to manage it all through a combination of big-picture planning, day-to-day project management, and tying it all together through the 12-Week Year.


You have zero chance of scaling if you’re constantly stuck in the weeds, so building an operational machine will be the catalyst to help you get you out of those weeds holding you back, unleash your full potential, and drive consistent and rapid growth. You and your team have personal growth goals, and your business HAS TO BE an operational machine to ever become the vehicle for those goals. 

Full metrics breakdown of your business and value chain

Cash management, including our CFO Financial Dashboard

  1. Conducting a systems audit as well as standard operating procedure for every aspect of your business
  2. How to develop organizational structures, compensation structures, as well as hiring systems for building the team that will make your dream a reality
  3. How to rapidly scale up a remote sales and recruiting team with full training on auto-pilot. Set it, forget it, tear it up…


While the Growth Accelerator platform will be the backbone of your training, we are going to be with you 100% for 1 full year with customized support and accountability:

12 Months Full Access to the Accelerator Platform: all materials, updates, and support.

The Accelerator Build Template: A Full Action Plan – Laid Out Step-by-Step so you know EXACTLY what you need to do every step of the way. We will provide you a sample copy of our Accelerator Build Template on a demo call with us.

The BEST End-To-End Outbound Sales Training on the Planet (Outbound Prospecting: cold email, cold calling, cold social (LinkedIn) + Advanced Closing Training)

Tactical Link: This is our in-house cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool, and you’ll get 12 months full access (options for continued access available). Check out a screenshot of my personal Tactical Link dashboard:

Tactical Link Hyper-Personalization: You will also get 12 months of access to our unique image personalization tool, which allows you to create hyper personalized images and GIFs that can be dropped into your outbound email messages, your outbound LinkedIn messages, and even your website or landing page to increase your response rate 1.5-2 X’s.

A personalized GIF sent along with an automatic “happy to connect” message sent 15 minutes after a contact accepts your connection request

…this is the one David uses

Setting up a “virtual coffee” with a potential client or candidate?

Reaching out to a new potential client?

…full name AND logo gets pulled in automatically

Sending a follow-up message to Ralph?

Or reaching out to a Rockstar candidate with your “To-Do List” for the day?

…while pulling their LinkedIn profile pic automatically

Reaching out to a new potential client?

…company name AND logo gets pulled in automatically

Using a landing page in a recruitment campaign?

… name of the candidate gets pulled in automatically

The Digital Headhunter Workshop (Q&A) Calls 2X’s per week: 12 months of support calls

The Digital Headhunter DOJO Calls 2X’s per week: The DOJO is a live Zoom call format where members will be roleplaying and practicing their skills with others in real time, as well as live script tear downs and builds. 12 months access

Tech stack training: Email / LinkedIn messaging systems, Tactical Link, Pipedrive CRM, proposal systems, etc… Access to our engineering team to make sure you do the work and get your questions answered. Responses within 48 hours, barring weekends (12 months)

Join a community of winners, with the private Growth Accelerator Group and Support Forum