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The Digital Headhunter DOJO is where we get down and dirty. Just like in martial-arts, you don’t get proficient by just practicing your moves in front of the mirror. You need to spar live with a partner, and we provide the platform for that.

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No one does this, but it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to attain phone mastery without spending years banging your head against the wall making ineffective calls.

It’s also the ultimate place to hone your script to razor’s edge before you take it out to market.

The DOJO is open to all (current) paid members of our Accelerator, Tactical, and Mentorship programs, (we occasionally open it up to the Bootcamp members as well). They are live Zoom calls where members role-play and practice their scripts and skills with others in real time, as well as live script tear downs by David Stephen Patterson or one of our Growth Coaches.

Our DOJO calls are held 3-5 times per week depending on demand and availability of participants.

“I Really Need This In My Life Right Now! How Do I Get In On This?”

Sorry To Say We Don’t Sell This Separately, But If You Join The Accelerator, Tactical, Or The Lighthouse Mentorship, This Will Be Included!

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