Ready For An ‘Off-flakebook’ recruitment group?

Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to open up a parallel group to our massive FB group: The Headhunter & Executive Recruiter Community

🔥 Welcome to the Recruiting Horde 🔥

*a group on SocialLair

The HERC is a global community of over 11,000 recruiters and recruitment firm owners from all over the world, who all share one purpose: matching the top-performing talent with companies that are changing the world.

The HORDE is a group for those who either off Flakebook or want to start moving away from that platform. Obviously because of big tech, we have seen ever-increasing cases of censorship and privacy violations, and this platform is one that 1) values free speech and 2) does not sell your data.

We know that growing a recruiting practice takes hard work, smart strategies, the latest cutting-edge resources, and of course a community of others to bounce new ideas off of.

Just like in the HERC, you can expect to find all that in here and much, much more.

But now, conversations can be spicier AND you won’t have anyone selling your data. We don’t care if you’re left, right, in-between, or whatever. If you provide value in here, you’ll receive it back ten-fold, and have fun in the process.

Don’t worry. The HERC Isn’t going anywhere. I’ll be growing both groups in parallel.

NOTE: You will receive 3 emails:

An email from me title: “Welcome to the Horde.” You will also be signed up to my *infamous email list (not for the feint of heart)

An email from Learnistic titled: “You’ve been invited to The Pocket Headhunter™.” This is our mobile app, and almost all of our free training content is available on the app. Please follow the instructions to create your app account.

An email from SocialLair titled: “Welcome to SocialLair!” This is our off-Flakebook group. Please follow the instructions to create your account.

All 3 platforms are tied together. I realize this will be a pain in the ass for all of 2-3 minutes, but trust me it is worth it. The amount of free training we have on our mobile app is more than most courses you’ll pay good money for. My *infamous email list is considered to be one of the most entertaining and controversial in the recruitment world, as long as you don’t mind the occasional naughty-naughty word and strong opinions.

However, unsubscribing from one unsubscribes you from all.

If I haven’t scared you off yet, sign up below my fellow Berserker of the Recruiting Horde:

We respect your privacy. Your phone is required but it is only used for account access to our mobile app. We will not call or text you, and your information is never sold, rented or shared with anyone.

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*Why is my list considered infamous? Because I’m controversial-ish. My emails go out almost daily, and while I give out tons of free value, I just love to tell long stories, express my strong opinions, and make fun of trolls.

Speaking of trolls, if you are one, please sign up and troll me. Seriously. I subsist on a diet of troll tears and gleefully whip them up into a frenzy of wails, and the gnashing of their teeth is music to my ears.


But seriously, you’ll have a good time and learn a lot. And if you don’t like it, make sure you hit that unsubscribe link really hard on your way out. That’ll show me what for.