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We work with Agency Recruiters, Independent Headhunters, and Search Firm Owners from start-up through scale-up to niche

domination. If you are starting a brand-new practice, moving from a contingency model to a retained one, trying to scale-up an existing practice, or just need to revitalize your marketing systems and upgrade your existing staff’s sales skills , we can help you. We only work with those where we can 2-5X their top-line revenue, while greatly improving their profitability within 1 year.


Over 3 days I showed a select group of recruiters a silver-bullet sales system that is be the key to recessionPROOFING your recruitment career.

Because remember, it’s those who can ACTUALLY LAND clients that will be left standing when the dust clears…

In this program, I took these recruiters by the hand and showed them how to MASSIVELY grow their pipelines of clients, with the same prospecting system I teach my private clients in the Accelerator.

We’re not teaching how to close candidates. We’re not teaching interview prep techniques. We don’t even teach recruiting techniques (although you can apply these same principles to your recruiting campaigns).

We’re teaching you how to get clients.



The Accelerator is a program that has changed the lives of many recruiters and search firm owners, and is been an invitation-only program. In short, it’s a build out of an entire marketing eco-system, combined with hard-nose prospecting and sales training, and a full operations and hiring system on the back-end. In other words, it’s a full implementation of The Lighthouse Method as well as a blueprint on how to scale a search firm 2-10X’s rapidly and without selling your soul in exchange.

Accelerator members develop a complete prospecting system (both automated and manual), they learn how to sell higher-level search in a way that’s never been taught before in the business, and develop a complete marketing ecosystem by establishing their Omnipresence and Relevancy through outbound prospecting, inbound sales, organic content, as well as paid advertising.

We teach productivity, how to establish your delivery systems, and how to scale up once you want to start hiring. It’s the most complete system out there, and is a complete platform with all the training you will ever need for the life of your business: Offer Creation, Message Creation, Prospecting, Sales, Advertising, Project Management, Productivity, Hiring, Scaling, Systems (Delivery, Operations, Finance) and even creating a Career Coaching program.


While in Accelerator, we don’t hold anything back, we do recognize that there will be many who simply don’t have the time or manpower to put together a full lead generation program while they scale up their operations and delivery systems, and that’s where our Tactical program comes in.

Think of the MASSIVE horsepower you could generate inside of your business, if you could consistently get 15-30 sales meetings every month per seat (with the training on how to close them, which you rarely find in any lead-gen program).

Tactical is designed for those firms that need an extra hand in deploying their marking ecosystem. Built on the back of the Accelerator, Tactical is a multi-platform marketing program designed with one goal in mind: to turn you into the most well-known and respected recruiter in your niche. Fast.

While all Tactical members automatically enroll in Accelerator, we also handle all the copywriting, video content creation, design, strategy, tech integration, advertising, (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn), and all the actual lead-generation itself, so you can concentrate on building a practice of significance, even during an economic slowdown.


Just as you’ll find in The Accelerator, The Lighthouse Mentorship is a full build out of an entire marketing eco-system, combined with hard-nose prospecting and sales training, and a full operations and hiring system on the back-end. In other words, it’s a full implementation of The Lighthouse Method as well as a blueprint on how to scale your search firm 2-5X’s in record speed while staying extremely profitable.

What we have found however, is that most Recruiting Entrepreneurs at your stage feel a lack of clarity. The Mentorship is designed to help you come up with YOUR plan, YOUR business model, meant to work for you and be as unique as you are.

We do this in the form of 90-day guided sprints. These sprints start as with a 1-on-1 strategy call with me, group calls, and a private Growth Coach guiding you through our Lighthouse Method system (what is taught in The Accelerator).

This is for someone who really wants to have the right plan, be able to ask questions at any time, wants a community to be in the trenches with and to spend time with me and a private coach 1-on-1. If you want to build a machine that scales, this is what you want to be in, and we’ll be diving deep into a complete audit of your business covering every facet of your business: Mindset, Marketing, Sales, Service Delivery, Operations, and Financials…as well as strategies and guidance on growth: Strategy, Hiring, Systematizing, Execution. We leave no stone unturned.

Your Window of Opportunity is Closing Fast

Q: When is the best time to plant a tree?

A: 20 years ago…

Q When is the second best time?

A: Right now…

The same goes for future-proofing your search firm, and ensuring that nothing, including a recession or even a depression, will stop you from doing your part to fuel our next economic boom.