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Tactical Link is our proprietary, Cloud-Based LinkedIn automation tool, and one of the safest on the market since it is not a Chrome Extension.

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Through Tactical Link, we have the ability to perform all sorts of Growth Hacks for you, including creating entire messaging sequencing systems, content retargeting campaigns, and our most exciting feature, fully-automated yet personalized images and GIFs with your target prospect’s name, business, website image, profile photo, or logo dynamically displayed right in the LinkedIn Inbox.

Imagine, sending a message to your prospect like this in LinkedIn:

We can even run concurrent hyper-personalization campaigns over email as well:

“Gimmicky” you may say?

Well, our response rates have more than doubled since implementing this in our LinkedIn campaigns, and isn’t that the name of the game? – Getting the person to take notice of you and respond in the first place?

For example: Marty here is the North American VP of Sales for an $86 Billion International Corporation, and this is what one of our clients forwarded to us from our initial testing with hyper-personalization campaigns:

NOTE: Tactical Link Is The ONLY Tool Available That Allows You To

Hyper-Personalize Your Campaigns

Directly In LinkedIn.

Yes, You Read That Right. The ONLY One.

Our Tactical Program Members get full access to Tactical Link, with your own personal dashboard, and we will be there every step of the way to design campaigns that match you, your niche, as well as your own unique personality.

“Oh Snap!!! I’m Totally Down For This! Shut Up And Take My Money!!!”

This Is Only Available To Tactical Members Right Now, And Will Soon Be Available To Accelerator Members Soon. If You’d Like To Learn More About These Programs, Just Smash One Of These Awesome Buttons You See Below.

…And Stay Tuned For Our Public Release

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