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Does LinkedIn make you want to pull your hair out?

That’s stupid question of course. If you’re an agency recruiter who actually has a pulse, then I can 100% guarantee that there are times you wish you could just kick LinkedIn to the curb once and for all and be done with it.

But you can’t…

Thing is, when I first became a recruiter close to 25 years ago, I would’ve killed for platform like LinkedIn. A self-updating platform chock-full of clients and candidates, all for the taking?

Sign me up! …and I did just that in 2006.

In fact, when I signed up I was afraid that the platform would put people like me out of business. But I couldn’t be further from the truth, because while there are clients and candidates galore on the platform, do you know what there’s even more of?


LinkedIn is over-run with recruiters just like you, all vying for the attention of the hiring managers and candidates you want to work with.

Here’s the thing about LinkedIn…all the companies you want to do business with, all the hiring managers, are there on LinkedIn. All the candidates those hiring managers want to hire? Are there on LinkedIn.

If that’s the case, why isn’t every recruiter on LinkedIn rich by now?

See, LinkedIn, if done right, is (almost) free money. The opportunity is huge, if you know how to properly use the platform, and that’s where so many recruiters get it wrong. In fact, if you’re not using it properly you’re 100% leaving fistfuls of cash on the table.

…and it’s getting more difficult by the day.

With the rise of LinkedIn automation and the proliferation of LinkedIn ‘influencers,’ it’s becoming harder and harder to get noticed on the platform.

I’d say it’s damn-near impossible, without the right approach.

That’s why I’m excited to finally bring to a training program made exclusively for recruiters that have trouble with being noticed on LinkedIn and don’t know how to properly use it to it’s full potential:


I'M IN! ADD THE LINKEDIN OS TO MY ORDER FOR $197 (50% OFF)No thank you. My LinkedIn game is on point, and I'm flooded with inbound leads
In this extremely actionable training program, I’m going to show you exactly how to grow and monetize your LinkedIn audience, through creating engaging (and viral) content, providing expert advice, and becoming top-of-mind with the movers n’ shakers in your niche.

In this training, I’ll be showing you:
How create killer content in a fraction of the time using Chat GPT. Not having the time (or creativity) to craft engaging content on LinkedIn is the #1 reason why recruiters just simply don’t do it. I’ll be showing you how you can revolutionize the way you connect with your niche by creating an AI content creation machine that not only will write better than 90% of your competitors on LinkedIn, but will also write in your own voice. If you have explored Chat GPT before with mixed results, I’ll show you how to do it the right way.
How to craft a killer LinkedIn profile that gets noticed. 99% of recruiters’ LinkedIn profiles read like resumes (huge mistake!). Be honest… Does yours?
How to create true celebrity status within your niche. Once you’ve had these piercing evolutionary insights downloaded into your brain, you’ll start seeing the matrix behind why your clients and candidates buy, and why they’ve been ignoring you up till now.
How to take your lead generation on LinkedIn it to the next level, so you can find, attract, and most importantly, convert your leads into actual paying clients (or candidates your clients will pay fees for) without feeling like a sleazy salesperson, and without being lumped into the same category as those ‘bodyshop recruiters’ you compete against.
How to take advantage of LinkedIn as a video platform to explode engagement with your ideal audience. I even if you have a face built for radio, I’ll show you how to properly create video content that not only educates your niche, but also entertains and elevate their thinking. This is the most powerful type of selling, and very few recruiters do this well. The ones who do….are reaping almost all the benefits that should be going to you.
How to ditch your annoying headset with killer automation strategies that will put your lead generation on literal steroids. Most recruiters and salespeople use LinkedIn automation completely wrong…and that’s why I’ll be showing you completely new ways to use automation to ‘suck’ your perfect leads into your ecosystem, while your competition is left bewildered and wondering how in the heck you’re seemingly everywhere at once.
How to drive free, targeted, and organic traffic to your LinkedIn profile using the ‘Mel Gibson’ formula. I’ll be showing you how to do this by creating valuable contact that goes viral. This is how you warm up your client and and candidate leads on LinkedIn, and is the 100% necessary step to position you as the go-to authority in your niche.
NOTE: this program is available IMMEDIATELY, and we are adding additional lessons this fall!
I'M IN! ADD THE LINKEDIN OS TO MY ORDER FOR $197 (50% OFF)No thank you. My LinkedIn game is on point, and I'm flooded with inbound leads
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