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Our 1-on-1, private program designed for those firms that need an extra hand in deploying their marketing ecosphere.

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Just as you’ll find in The Accelerator, The Lighthouse Mentorship is a full build out of an entire marketing eco-system, combined with hard-nose prospecting sales training, and a full operations and hiring system on the back-end. In other words, it’s a full implementation of The Lighthouse Method™ as well as a blueprint on how to scale your search firm 2-5X’s in record speed while staying extremely profitable.

What we have found however, is that most Recruiting Entrepreneurs at your stage feel a lack of clarity. The Mentorship is designed to help you come up with YOUR plan, YOUR business model, meant to work for you and be as unique as you are.

We do this in the form of 90-day guided sprints. These sprints start as with a 1-on-1 strategy call with me, group calls, and a private Growth Coach guiding you through our Lighthouse Method™ system (what is taught in The Accelerator).

This is for someone who really wants to have the right plan, be able to ask questions at any time, wants a community to be in the trenches with and to spend time with me and a private coach 1-on-1.

If you want to build a machine that scales, this is what you want to be in, and we’ll be diving deep into a complete audit of your business covering every facet of your business: Mindset, Marketing, Sales, Service Delivery, Operations, and Financials…as well as strategies and guidance on growth: Strategy, Hiring, Systematizing, Execution.

We leave no stone unturned.

“How Does The Mentorship Work?”

That’s an excellent question…

It all starts with our Lighthouse Business Assessment.

The Lighthouse Business Assessment is a 120+ question deep dive self-assessment that allows us to understand exactly the way forward for your firm. It’s a breakdown of the 6 core pillars of your business: 1) Mindset 2) Sales 3) Marketing 4) Delivery (Offer)5) Operations 6) Finance

After review, David Stephen Patterson and one of our Growth Coaches will have our initial 1-on-1 (up to 2 hour) strategy call with you. This recorded and extremely valuable video call will allow us to fill in any of the blanks and give you a specialized plan of action for the next 90 days.

For most clients, this would revolve around crystallizing a structured prospecting and sales process for you and your team (Pillar 2), while working on the other Pillars in subsequent 90-day sprints, although your situation may be different, and we can adjust as needed.

You get access to all the material in The Accelerator, with the clarity around YOUR strategy, you’re able to easily and quickly deploy exactly what will work into your business with the help of your weekly 1-on-1 Growth Coach.

You will also be meeting weekly with your Growth Coach, where you will be held acceptable to the Plan of Action that was laid out for you, and we will be course-correcting along the way for the next 90-days.

Additionally, you will get access our DOJO sessions, held 3-5 times per week, where you can come in and role-play your scripts with David Stephen Patterson or one of our Growth Coaches, as well as other members (from The Accelerator & Tactical), as well as go through live script-breakdowns. These sessions are optional, but VERY valuable.

“You Also Get Full Access To

The Accelerator”

As part of our Lighthouse Mentorship Program, you will have access to our entire body of resources contains in our flagship product: The Accelerator, which will form the backbone of your training, while our 1-on-1 time together will be a combination of training, customized support, and accountability.

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