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With close to 40 years of experience and a 98% client satisfaction rate, TaxSearch has successfully placed hundreds of top tax professionals in leading organizations worldwide. Our extensive network of over 50,000 tax experts and our commitment to delivering tailored solutions have made us the go-to partner for tax hiring and leadership development.




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The Power Of Tax Talent

In today's complex business landscape, the success of your organization hinges on the strength of your tax department. It's not just about numbers and acronyms; it's about the people who drive your tax strategy forward.

As a leader, you pour your heart and soul into your company, and you need a team of top-performing tax professionals who can transform your vision into reality. However, finding the right talent to align with your goals can feel like an insurmountable task when you're buried under tight deadlines, budget constraints, and a lean team.

That's where TaxSearch comes in.

We see beyond the acronyms and buzzwords on a resume. We understand that true talent lies in the unique combination of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and leadership potential that an individual brings to the table.

Our mission is to be your strategic partner, connecting you with the tax professionals who can make a real difference in your organization. We're not just filling positions; we're building teams that can tackle the toughest challenges and drive your business forward, regardless of where you sit in your organization:

Finance Leaders

As a finance leader, you're accountable for increasing shareholder value and minimizing risk, responsibilities that require top-tier talent to oversee the tax function.

Heads of Tax Departments

As the head of tax, you're tasked with running your department as a profit center while mitigating tax-specific risk, responsibilities that demand the support of an exceptional team.

Human Resource Leaders

As an HR leader, you're pulled in a thousand directions, yet driven to recruit exceptional people, responsibilities that can sometimes be overwhelming.

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Client Case Studies

Explore our case studies to see how TaxSearch has proudly partnered with organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to well-established mid-sized businesses, to optimize their tax departments. 

Our proven approach to tax hiring, leadership development, and talent retention has consistently delivered outstanding results, and we showcase the impact of our work through our success stories.

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Optimizing Tax Consulting Budgets with Just-In-Time Talent
Tax functions once relied on costly, often underqualified Big4 borrowed employees for seasonal or unexpected workloads. The pandemic's shift to remote work has made location irrelevant, enabling TaxForce's extensive talent pool to effectively solve your short-term and interim tax challenges.
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Supporting the Development of Your Internal Tax Department Staff Throughout Their Careers.
TaxTalent is the home of our famous TaxNotes Series, an information hub and community forum, and an online career portal that helps tax professionals optimize their careers, while helping leading companies optimize their tax departments.
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Dive into the minds of the most influential leaders in the world of tax with the Tax Titans podcast, hosted by Tony Santiago. With close to 40 years of experience as the tax industry's top executive search leader and innovator, Tony brings you exclusive interviews and thought-provoking discussions with the biggest names in the business.

Each episode explores the unique challenges, triumphs, and game-changing strategies employed by these exceptional individuals. Whether you're a seasoned tax professional or an aspiring leader, Tax Titans is your gateway to the cutting-edge ideas and practices that are transforming the industry.

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