How To Scale Your Recruiting Practice 2-5X’s In Record Speed

…By Deploying A Seamless Sales + Marketing System That Helps You Punch Above Your Weight Class WITHOUT Wasting Time + Money

In this extremely detailed training, I show you the exact steps you need to take your recruitment practice (whether you’re a search firm owner, independent recruiter, or even if you work for a firm) from mediocrity to market dominance with a seamless combination of HUNTING [Outbound-Prospecting] + FARMING [Inbound Lead-Generation], while dialing in all your metrics from Dials -to- Audience Engagement -to- Searches Won -to- Cash-in-the-Bank, and everything in between, so you stay extremely profitable while you build.

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What You Will Learn Today…

How The Twin Concepts Of Omnipresence + Relevancy Will Impact Your Practice

Zero-Competition Environment – Learn how to out-compete your larger competitors by going after their blind spots.

Potent Messaging + Marketing – Create laser-targeted messaging and achieve a ridiculously high ROI with your sales + marketing, leading to higher response rates, higher mind-share, higher sales conversion rates, access to higher-level positions, and higher fill rates.

Authority-Building At Scale – Easily get past the BS detector most prospects use by positioning yourself above the fray as a valuable resource, not an unwanted salesperson. Smoothly ease you and your prospect into the sales process while maintaining top-of-mind awareness with the right people.

Why You Must Always HUNT [Outbound Prospecting] Before You FARM [Inbound Lead-Generation]

Fastest Path To Money – Cash is oxygen to your business, and without a steady supply of leads that turn to sales calls, and sales calls that turn to bonafide searches, and searches that turn into deals closed, and deals closed that turn into cash, your practice incurs the real risk of failure before you establish critical mass.

The Field Is King – By taking your message and your offer through a process of tracking and iteration, you can refine them until they’re honed to razor’s edge. This is how you create a lethal sales process.

The Inter-Dependence of Sales + Marketing – How to use your marketing collateral to engage the prospect, educate them, create authority, trigger feelings of familiarity and comfort (trust), explain your service, instill certainty, and warm them up and create the desire to work with you…all before they ever jump on a call with you.

The Step-by-Step Method Of Deploying A Seamless Sales + Marketing System In Your Practice

…Also Known As Your War-Machine

A Deep Dive Into The Numbers Behind Your War Machine – A look into how to use our financial forecasting model to build our your Value-Chain Dashboard (all the metrics inside your business), so you know where you need to be with every KPI (Key Performance Indicator), and how much profit you stand to generate based on conservative success metrics.

How To Fully Map-Out Your Market – I break down exactly how you should be scoring your leads in a process of Prospect Meritocracy, and how we break down prospect qualification by looking at buyer-intent data as well as market data on which prospects are hiring, and which prospects are using other agencies (and how we can tell which agencies they are using).

Deploy Your Omnichannel Machine – How to create an Omnichannel Machine that replicates the trust you build in-person by being RELEVANT to your prospect, at scale through OMNIPRESENCE by leveraging multiple online platforms: Email Messaging, LinkedIn Messaging, Cold / Warm-Calls, Direct Mail, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, and Re-targeting on Google Adwords (with examples of each).

Create Hyper-Personalized Messaging At Scale – How to create laser-targeted messaging that slices through the noisy market like a hot knife through butter, while utilizing your marketing collateral to to pre-sell your prospects before you ever speak to them. See examples of how we do this with personalized scripts, copy-weaving, hyper-personalized images, and spearing techniques.

Executing + Advancing To Sales Calls The 4 Power Moves you must engage in every day to ensure massive success in a hyper-competitive market. Develop a playbook that moves your prospects from reply (from your awesome initial messaging and pattern interrupts) to meeting to sales call to search assignment to closed deal. Creating a lethal sales process that is the key to scaling your practice UP for revenue 👆 or scaling your system DOWN for lifestyle.👇

Setting Up Your Reporting + Optimization Systems – The keys to creating robust reporting and long-term KPI optimization to ensure that no lead is getting left behind. Fully maximizing the potential of your Outbound Prospecting + Inbound Lead-Generation by measuring your campaigns, and optimizing the right levers to maximize your campaign outputs.

What To Do After Your System Is Deployed – Once your War-Machine is running, layering in additional inbound lead channels, collecting case studies from your clients and candidates, conducting a systems audit of your Value Chain Metrics, and laying the foundations of scaling safely without your systems breaking.

You Can Finally Forget The Feast-or-Famine Rollercoaster Ride, Because With A Seamless Sales + Marketing System Deployed In Your Recruitment Practice, You Can:

Create messaging dialed-in to such a degree that it lights up your prospects’ brains like Christmas trees.

Open the floodgates of leads hitting your pipeline.

Significantly shorten your sales cycle.

Get hiring managers bought in before you get on the phone with them, allowing for super-fast money-down deals that close with ease.

Find a new gear of work ethic and motivation, and let the magic happen! 

Finally build a multi-million-dollar, profitable business that helps support you and your family, or scale down for a lifestyle business ensuring maximum freedom with financial security.

Feel proud when you talk about your business, and never feel envious when you see other successful recruiters and search firm owners ever again.

Show your team members the changes you’re making, motivating them to work even harder with this new clear direction.

Stop bleeding money and start seeing a steady climb in your bank accounts, while building true, durable, generational wealth.

Provide for your family, send your kids to private school, relieve your spouse from stress, and provide opportunities to your direct family.

Make a difference in the world, by having the means to contribute to charity and pursue social causes.

Fall in love with the challenge of building something that lasts: a true legacy.

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Are You Ready To Become The King Of The Jungle?


Are You Ready To Become The King Of The Jungle?


Are You Ready To Become The King Of The Jungle?


Are You Ready To Become The King Of The Jungle?