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Our Done-For-You program designed for those firms that need an extra hand in deploying their marking eco-system. Built on the back of The Digital Headhunter Accelerator, Tactical is a multi-platform marketing program designed with one goal in mind: to turn you into the most well-known and respected search firm in your niche

…and as a side effect attract a flood a client’s eager to work with you.

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The Digital Headhunter Tactical Program is designed to not only fill your calendar with sales meetings with hiring executives, but to also ensure that your prospects will already know who you are, what you stand for and how you can help. Most importantly, they will know why you and your firm are a cut above every other competitor in your niche.

If you choose Tactical, we will be build a marketing campaign for you, and it will be implemented in two main phases:

1. Foundational Campaign Build

2. Ongoing Lead-Generation

The purpose of this program is to help you create a system frees you from the whims of the market. We believe in empowering you as you and your team implement The Lighthouse Method.

We will be with you, side by side, as you take control of your own destiny.

Phase 1: Foundational Campaign Build

When we start your new campaign, we must first go through laying the foundation, and we expect this stage to last approximately 3-4 weeks. This is the scope of work you can expect:

LinkedIn Profile Optimization [Read More]

This is the re-working of your profile (if needed) so that not only is it relevant to Hiring Managers who want to further their careers through hiring the best talent available, but also unique enough to stand out among your competitors. We will also help you build your Facebook business profile as well.

Prospect Research [Read More]

Before your database build, we work with you to research the approximate size and mix of your prospects, and develop a messaging strategy based on their level in their respective organizations

Your highest-value prospects will be saved as leads within LinkedIn Sales Navigator, allowing you (through your dedicated Campaign Manager) to constantly be a presence to them (commenting and liking their posts/articles, mentioning them in the news, etc)

Database Build [Read More]

During your database build we will be developing a list of between 3,000-5,000 prospects, and categorize them by function as well as level (we will be using different high-touch vs low-touch strategies depending on the type of prospect, if appropriate).

Keep in mind, we will be working off your 1st degree connections on LinkedIn initially (we call that the Quick Wins Campaign), and the size of your connection list will determine how fast we run through that campaign and start messaging your non-connected prospects

Playbook Creation [Read More]

We will work with you to create the scripts and playbook that we will use for your messaging and drip campaigns, as well as initial replies from your prospects. This is a collaborative process between you and your dedicated Campaign Manager, and we will make sure this will be in your voice, not ours.

Creating Your LinkedIn Group [Read More]

Your LinkedIn group will be an authority-building hub designed for your prospects (not candidates or other recruiters) to gather in a spam-free environment where they can network and share leadership best practices. We will handle content curation, group moderation, and group growth, etc. The power of your group comes from establishing your authority as a thought leader in your niche.

Content for Status Updates and Group Postings [Read More]

We will curate up to 15 pieces of content (both recruiting-based and industry-specific) every week, and we will also pull content that you have already created. Once approved by you, we will be publishing that content out to various social media outlets (LinkedIn, LinkedIn group, Twitter, Facebook, etc) 2-3X per day.

Personal CRM [Read More]

You will be given access to your own personal CRM tool (Salesflare), that will be fully integrated with our messaging platform. Using this, you will be able to track all the leads that we will be generating for you in your campaign.

Funnel Asset Creation [Read More]

We will help you set up and build your funnels/landing pages (scheduling funnel, VSL funnel), fully produced LinkedIn article (that will be the basis of your initial messaging campaigns), and an explainer video content.

Advertising (Remarketing) Campaign Creation [Read More]

We all know that 97% of the market will not be ready to use your services at any given time, so while we’ve created a powerful lead-generation machine that will continuously pump out leads for you month after month, we will also set up remarketing campaigns for you on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Display Ads.

These aren’t meant to drive business in and of themselves (although they do), but are meant to keep you and your name in front of Decision-Makers on all of the social media channels they are likely to be on. This is the beauty of Omnipresence, as seeing your name and content repeatedly will make your lead-generation efforts much more successful as you become the most well-known name in your niche.

Phase 2: Ongoing Lead-Generation

This is where the rubber meets the proverbial road. Once we’ve honed in on your ideal prospects and built your campaign assets, this is where the magic happens. Your outreach campaign will include:

Continued Identification of High-Value Prospects  [Read More]

We will be continuing to research prospects and determine which personas they best fit into, and message accordingly. For example:

Human Resources vs Hiring Managers – While marketing to hiring managers is important, we should not forget that HR has a major influence on which recruiters a company will use 

High-Touch vs Low-Touch – Some prospects (such as decision-makers at the VP or C-Suite level), require more effort and more touches in order to gain an appointment, while others (Managers), need a more automated outreach strategy that requires less time and effort

Do-Not-Message – Some prospects may not be appropriate to message at all (if they are a client, or with a company you do not want to work with). We will be monitoring those prospects to ensure they do not get any errant messages from your campaign.

This allows you to employ the “Rule 52” guideline for account-based selling. “Rule 52” states that you should be reaching out to roughly 5 prospects in a target account at any time, and that 2 of those prospects must be decision-makers with purchasing power (the rest will typically be influencers). Following this guideline allows you to build familiarity among prospects working in larger accounts, ensuring you are reaching out to the right people at the right time, and in the right quantity as well as diversity of prospects in any given account.

Multi-Touch Lead Messaging Campaigns [Read More]

We will run up to 1,000 prospects at a time through a 1-month Full-Court-Press (FCP) Campaign; a multi-touch personalized messaging campaign utilizing your unique messaging built on top of our own templates.

This campaign will incorporate LinkedIn messaging, email messaging, and video messages.

The FCP campaign is designed to get high-value prospects that either have an immediate need, or are feeling hiring pains, to book an appointment with you.

Ongoing Prospecting: Top-Of-Mind Campaigns [Read More]

 For those prospects that either don’t have a current need or are not directly feeling hiring pain, we will employ a drip campaign on your behalf using many of the same tools, so as to stay Top-Of-Mind (TOM) for when they do have a need, or when we drop them back into our FCP Campaigns (every 3-4 months).

Candidate Marketing Campaigns [Read More]

Depending upon need and opportunity, we may run short-term Most-Placeable-Candidate (MPC) campaigns on your behalf. Some decision-makers may end up being highly qualified and marketable candidates that you can in turn market to other decision-makers in your niche. Our system allows us to shut off all campaigns for all prospects that you have selected to be placed into your MPC campaigns, and once those campaigns are complete, those prospects will be reactivated in their respective campaigns. This allows you to have the flexibility to quickly market high-level candidates as they become available.

Job Lead Campaigns [Read More]

We have a partnership with a company that has built an AI-powered platform that provides accurate, qualified recruitment industry client leads.

These aren’t just any leads pulled off from some job board however.

These are real openings, with companies that have been verified in real time to be using external recruiters.

We will be running a concurrent Job Lead Campaign for you, dropping in these real-time leads, with verified contact information for all hiring managers AND the names of the external recruiters they are using.

Just as in our Candidate Marketing Campaigns, our system allows us to shut off all campaigns for all associated prospects, and once those campaigns are complete, those prospects will be reactivated in their respective campaigns. This allows you to have the flexibility to quickly get in front of hiring managers who have needs in the moment, with the inside scoop on your competitors playbooks.

*This will likely be the most profitable campaign you’ve ever run.*

Advertising (Remarketing) Campaign Management [Read More]

We will continue to manage and optimize your advertising campaigns to make sure that your message stays fresh and relevant to your audience. 

Sales Training [Read More]

We will provide ongoing sales training and support to you so that when you have a booked call with a lead, you can be assured that you’ll be able to present and close your high-level offer confidently and with ease. (through the Accelerator program, which you will have access to)

Continued Content Curation [Read More]

We will prepare up to 15 pieces of curated content every week, and once at least 10 of them are approved by you, we will continue to post these on all of your social media assets (including your LinkedIn group).

All curated content will be given a link shortener allowing us to tag (pixel) visitors for eventual retargeting through eventual social media advertising 

Moderate Your LinkedIn Group [Read More]

This includes growing your group, promoting discussions, and keeping members engaged daily. The only thing required of you is the approval of the schedule of posts every month. Of course, you are encouraged to participate directly as well, but you don’t have to.

In addition, we will continue to grow your group through curiosity-based personal messages sent to your prospects, with the goal to becoming the premier thought-leadership group for hiring leaders in your niche

Manage Your LinkedIn Inbox [Read More]

We will manage both your LinkedIn and Linkedin Sales Navigator inboxes, and based off the replies generated (or if they are a hot lead), we will be forwarding to you directly through your CRM. Every day you will get a lead report, and all you have to do is to log into your CRM and reply. We are also available to give guidance as you advance it forward to an appointment

Access to Support Systems [Read More]

Throughout your lead generation campaign, you’ll also have access to your Campaign Manager, our tech vault (the tools used to run our business), as well as our some of our Accelerator group calls and role-play sessions (called the DOJO).

You Also Get Full Access To

The Accelerator

As part of our Tactical Program, you will have access to our entire body of resources contains in our flagship product: The Accelerator.

The Accelerator 2.0 platform will form the backbone of your training, while the work we do with you in Tactical will be building out our lead-generation systems.

And, You Also Get Full Access To

Tactical Link

Tactical Link is our proprietary, Cloud-Based LinkedIn automation tool, and one of the safest on the market since it is not a Chrome Extension.

Through Tactical Link, we have the ability to perform all sorts of Growth Hacks for you, including creating entire messaging sequencing systems, content retargeting campaigns, and our most exciting feature, fully-automated yet personalized images and GIFs with your target prospect’s name, business, website image, profile photo, or logo dynamically displayed right in the LinkedIn Inbox.

As a Tactical Program Member you get full access to Tactical Link, with your own personal dashboard, and we will be there every step of the way to design campaigns that match you, your niche, as well as your own unique personality.

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