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Where It All Began

It seems every recruitment marketing agency is on the OMNIPRESENCE or RELEVANCY bandwagon these days

When I first released The Lighthouse Method™ in 2018, no one was talking OMNIPRESENCE and RELEVANCY, the core pillars of our proprietary recruitment marketing system, The Accelerator.

I didn’t invent anything new.

After years spent training under the best-of-the-best in this business, it was becoming apparent that biggest roadblock holding search firms back from scaling was failing to implement one or more (but usually all three) of the Client-Facing Pillars of Business:

MARKETING: An All-Encompassing Marketing Eco-System that educates prospects and candidates en masse, creating primed leads who Know, Like, + Trust you.

SALES: A Clear and Step-by-Step Sales Process designed to move leads from ‘Pain-Unaware’ to ‘Solution-Informed,’ all the way to the sale.

OFFER + DELIVERY: A Higher-Level Service Offering that is wholly differentiated from the sea of ‘commodity’ recruiting solutions flooding the market, that will provide both massive value to the client, but also be easily scalable.

BTW…these three pillars comprise the Value-Chain of your business, and it is critical you get a handle on this if you want to survive the global recession.

Although start-ups and high-growth companies in the real world have been dialing these pillars in, the cottage industry that is agency recruitment seemed perpetually stuck in training that worked in the 80’s and 90’s, pre-LinkedIn and when faxing resumes was the norm.

…and it was painfully obvious that the old-school trainers who were teaching newer marketing techniques had never actually used a funnel in a real world recruitment marketing scenario.

So I decided to throw away my preconceptions on how things ‘should’ be done, and I went on a mission to seek out and learn from some of the best business minds outside of our industry (Russell Brunson, Scott Oldford, Austin Netzley, Jay Abraham, etc.), and top minds in the recruitment space (Jeff Kaye, Danny Cahill, etc.) and create a hybrid system combining the best of both worlds.

It was the single most important, and profitable, decision of my career, and in the careers of hundreds of recruiters.

That is how I brought the ‘ying-yang’ concepts of OMNIPRESENCE and RELEVANCY to our recruitment world, and developed our recruitment marketing solution known as The Lighthouse Method™.

Now it seems any digital marketing agency can whip you up an ‘Omni’ campaign.

What most don’t realize however, is that achieving OMNIPRESENCE without a RELEVANT message or a RELEVANT offer is the quickest way to annoy your prospects.

Conversely, a RELEVANT message and offer with no OMNIPRESENCE will only help you become your industry’s best kept secret.

…and being your industry’s best kept secret doesn’t pay the bills.

So after two decades years in the Executive Search business, I created The Digital Headhunter to help search firms all over the world implement The Lighthouse Method™. in their practices, and most recently The Career Hunters to help executive-level professionals implement The Lighthouse Method™’s twin system, The Campaign Method™, in their career-search.

I’ve even modeled our search process in The Kineta Group (my search firm), on the same core principles: We call in The Ascension Method™.

Believe me…when you ‘get it,’ this is powerful stuff, and it works everywhere.

It’s the key to competing, and winning, against the big-name brands at a fraction of what they pour into their marketing efforts, and it’s how you build an empire even during the worst economic recession of our generation.

In short, we eat our own cooking, and my methods have consistently led the charge in the recruitment marketing industry in terms of innovation and bottom-line results, and have built a thriving community of hundreds of independent headhunters and search firms all over the globe.

In The Digital Headhunter, our client-partners are implementing The Lighthouse Method™. in the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, and Australia….RIGHT NOW.

Now Imagine…

Building an entirely better recruiting practice; with clients and a loyal candidate community who look to you as a thought leader.

…and if you want to scale, being the search firm of choice for top recruiters who want to plug into your system.


…and it’s throwing massive curveballs right now

This is the incredible impact of implementing The Lighthouse Method™ in your recruiting practice.

Its more than just scaling to multiple 6-figures, or 7-figures, or even 8-figures for some of you.

Sure, top-line revenue is great, but it’s about having a more evolved business. A business that’s sustainable, scalable, with rock-solid foundations and is market-proofed from any economic collapse.

We won’t feed you lines about a “flood of inbound clients,” or “no more cold-calls ever,” or “clients on demand!”

Yeah, we think that’s BS too.

Let your competitors take the lazy road. The all-time greats know the path to excellence is through the fire.

If that’s you, and if you’re built for speed, then you’re our people. If not, then we can refer to you some other agencies that may be a better fit.

Let us be the fuel in your success engine.

Just be ready to be challenged, inspired, rewarded, and transformed.