We May Seem Fierce

But We Have A Softer Side Too

The Crazy Idea Of FREEDOM Is What Drives Everything We Do Here At The Digital Headhunter

The Freedom To Work With The Clients YOU Want

The Freedom To Work With The Candidates YOU Want

The Freedom To Live The Life YOU Want

The Freedom To Build YOUR Legacy

So What Are You Waiting For?

First, Our DNA:

ROI-Centric: We are 100% focused on ROI. Pretty marketing campaigns are awesome, but without data and metrics to track their effectiveness, then they remain…well, just pretty. We understand the unique numbers that drive the recruitment industry, and we make sure that we work within your particular “ROI-Formula.”

Humanity-Obsessed: We understand that your ideal clients and the talent you’re tasked with recruiting aren’t just a set of KPI’s. They are human, as all of us are, and every facet of what we do is centered around strengthening your ability to connect human-to-human, both individually and at scale.

Systems-Thinkers: From offer innovation to performance marketing to influential sales conversations to repeatable delivery models, we believe your business is an ecosystem. To win, can’t compete in pieces, you must be fit as a whole.

We Give A Shit: You are not a client; you are our partner. Our team members…also partners. Your clients and candidates…all partners. We know what we do matters, and we know that our job is to make sure that what you do matters as well. We won’t BS you or our people, and we expect the same from the partners we work with. We strive for excellence in all things, and we are going to bust our asses to make sure that everything we touch is top-notch.

Meet Your Success Engine

David Stephen Patterson (DSP)

David is The Digital Headhunter’s founder, head strategist, lead trainer, and marketing visionary.

He’s also the host of the Headhunter & Executive Recruiter Community (the #HERC), the co-host of the Headhunters in Boxers Talkin’ Smack live webshow, and the Digital Headhunter TV YouTube channel. 

A US Army veteran, he lives in Tampa, FL with his partner-in-crime Elisa Tanner, who is an entrepreneur as well (the Barbells & Ponytails lifestyle and apparel brand). He has 3 good-looking and super-smart children, and 3 asshole dogs.

A lover of extreme sports, he’s a licensed skydiver, certified scuba diver, occasional Cross-Fitter, and is now learning how to kite-surf. His favorite extreme sport is talking back to Elisa.

Trae Hanie:

Trae is the Tactical Campaign Manager for The Digital Headhunter, and he’s the man behind the curtain making sure everything Tactical runs smoothly for our client-partners.

Born and raised in the Tampa Bay area, he’s a die-hard Seminoles fan (for some odd reason), but he makes up for it by being married to most definitely his better half Macy, with 2 rough-and-tumble boys.

He’s a veteran of the US Army of 7 years (active duty & reserves), and in his spare time he enjoys hanging out with his family and playing beach volleyball with his shirt off, cuz he thinks he’s Tom Cruise.

John Patterson

John is the Technical Engineer for The Digital Headhunter, and if there’s something that needs to be built, taken apart, fixed, modified, pieced together with duct tape, or blown up, he’s your man.

He’s an Eagle Scout and a recent graduate of the University of Arizona’s Engineering department. He’s built things that, upon describing, will make mere mortals like us wallow in our own ignorance.

What we’re trying to say, is he’s really, really smart.

He’s a veteran of countless D&D wars (he’s even gotten DSP into the game), and if you know what a “Natural 20,” you’re his kinda people.

Chris Stinson

Chris has taken The Digital Headhunter throne of most handsome man, something DSP is none to happy about.

Chris is the Executive Search Growth Advisor for The Digital Headhunter, and his role here is to Search Firm Owners find the right program that will help Future-Proof their recruitment practices against whatever the economy throws against them.

He has a lifetime of sales and marketing experience, six years of direct recruiting experience. Even more importantly though, he understands the challenges of ownership as he’s owned his own firm for over a year and a half.

Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 daughters, and is a die-hard for any Atlanta sports team.

Michael G Cox

Michael “G” Cox, and yes we call him Michael “G” Cox every…single…time, is our Executive Sales Coach here at The Digital Headhunter.

Michael (ok, I guess not every time) comes from a nearly 2-decade career of recruiting and enterprise sales, and has even spent time (gasp!) as an internal corporate recruiter.

Luckily, he escaped and started his own recruitment practice. After having huge success as a client, he became such a believer in our mission that he decided to join and help other recruiters find the sales confidence hidden inside of them.

Now he runs most of our DOJO sessions, and works with select recruiters one-on-one as well.

He lives with his better half and 3 children in San Antonio, TX.

Cass Murray

Cass is a client turned Client Success Advocate at The Digital Headhunter.

What does a Client Success Advocate do? She makes sure all of our clients are getting what they need, when they need it, and keeps their spirits up when life or their business gets them down.

Heck, even DSP can’t get away with feeling down when she’s around.

Cass has a diverse background in recruiting, training and human resources, and after working in corporate-level roles started to identify with what job-seekers to go through as they navigate the confusing job-search process, so she has recently added Career Coaching to her recruitment business.

A Huuuuuge CBD enthusiast and recruiter, she lives in Denver with her husband.

Janinn “JaJa” Caliso

JaJa is the Executive Expansion Pack here at The Digital Headhunter.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering, her natural curiosity led her to try her hand at various industries like software development and the call center industry, but has now found her home as THE Executive Expansion Pack (Executive Assistant) for DSP.

A huge K-Pop and Anime fan, she has a very quirky sense of humor that only intelligent people will get, and you can see it right in her email signature with this quote from Luis Bunuel: “Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.”

If you’re the kind of person who chuckled at that, she’ll think you’re cool.

Jeri Mae Cordova Pabiona

Jeri Mae is our Tactical Lead-Generation Specialist at The Digital Headhunter, where she works with Trae to make sure Tactical is running smoothly for all of our clients.

She is a graduate with a BS in Marketing Management, and a major in Marketing, and she’s dedicated to using her marketing ability to make sure our Tactical clients get the leads they need to thrive.

As it turns out, she has a huge a creative streak in makeup artistry and video editing, and she’s a damn fine singer as well. You can find her spending time with her family and friends, discovering new places and cuisine especially in her home city, Bacolod, where she enjoys karaoke, dancing, singing, and taking the most colorful pictures you’ll ever see.

Christopher Christmas

Chris was our Tactical Lead-Generation Team Lead right from the very beginning of the program. Sadly, he passed away recently and has left a big hole in our hearts.

He was instrumental in getting Tactical up and running for us, and beyond that, he was a hell of a human being. He was dependable, a technical whiz, super-smart, funny, always in a good mood, and went above and beyond his role in so many ways. He always laughed at DSP’s jokes, didn’t mind some good-natured ball-busting, and even gave back as good as he got.

Chris, you’ll always have a place here at the company, but more importantly, in our hearts. You’ll always be a part of us. Blue skies my friend.