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The Lighthouse Method™ Guide

The Ultimate Sales + Marketing Guide

For High-Capacity Executive Recruiters + Recruitment Firm Owners To Pack Some Serious Muscle On To Their Recruitment Marketing Systems

While RecessionPROOFING Their Business

In this 225-page guide, I lay out both the strategic theory AND the tactical deployment of The Lighthouse Method™: a seamless Sales + Marketing System that not only will help you punch above your weight-class, but will RecessionPROOF your recruitment practice against the coming economic brick wall we’re about to hit.


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In 2017, we released first Lighthouse Method™ Guide

In 2018, we released second Lighthouse Method™ Guide

Get ready for our most expansive version yet…

You’re A High-Capacity Executive Recruiter Or recruitment Firm Owner With A Consistent Track Record Of Success

But you don’t want to be one of the thousands of firms flushed out of the market in the next recession

No matter how you slice it, you don’t want to use an economic recession as an excuse to stick your head in the sand, but you want to use this as a way to capture more market share, move into new markets, hire top-level recruiters you may not have gotten otherwise (but couldn’t before), and give them a reason to stay when the market recovers

If I’ve Just Described You To A “T,” Then This Guide Is Exactly What You Need

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Our economy is ‘recovering’, but you’re not blind to the reality that governments around the world are borrowing from our future generations by injecting MASSIVE amounts of newly printed money into the system, all while big multi-national search firms with fat marketing budgets gobble up more and more of YOUR market-share. You need to be nimble and pivot fast if your practice is going to survive, let alone thrive. But if you do it right…there is a WORLD of opportunity out there.

Dominate Your Niche RecessionProof Your Business


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Unleash Your Inner Hunter

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And Build An End-To-End Sales & Marketing System That Competes & Wins Against The Big-Name Brands